Membership Appreciation Reception

We hosted our Eisenhower Society Member Appreciation Reception on Sunday afternoon, March 24.  We met at the new Adams County Historical Society Battlefield Overlook Event Center to chat with fellow members and learn about this new venue.  Everyone enjoyed light refreshments, including cheese, fruit, mini cheesecakes, pecan pie tartlets and delicious homemade cookies provided by the Dobbin House Tavern. Thanks to the generosity of Ruthmary and Bob McIlhenny and Duane and Linda Williams, a delicious white Sangria was available as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

After greetings from President John Burt, Vice President Ruthmary McIlhenny shared some membership information.  Then Adams County Historical Society Executive Director Andrew Dalton presented a short program about the new building and the Beyond the Battle Museum. He highlighted the Eisenhower exhibits and shared information about the ballot box on exhibit that Ike used when he first voted in Cumberland Township in 1956.  After his brief program, Eisenhower Society members had the option to continue to enjoy refreshments or tour the new museum to see the Eisenhower exhibits.

We thank our sponsors for their support of this event:  Dobbin House Tavern, Daun van Ee, Stephen Gibble, Ken and Sally Weiler, Duane and Linda Williams, Ruthmary and Bob McIlhenny, Michael and Robin Birkner, Jim and Susan Roach, Tom and Barbara Vossler, Walt Jones, and Jacqueline White.

Thank you Adams County Historical Society for hosting our 2024 Member Appreciation Reception!


2024 Membership Appreciation Reception Photo Gallery

2023 Membership Appreciation Reception Photo Gallery