Grant Guidelines

Guidelines for The Eisenhower Society Grant Program

  1. The purpose of the grants are to support the mission of the Eisenhower Society – To preserve the memory of Dwight D. Eisenhower and to educate and foster the development of his leadership qualities, including being trustworthy, respectful, responsible and accountable.
  2. Applications will be judged on the quality of the overall proposal.
  3. Priority will be given to proposals that most reflect the Eisenhower Society mission, have the most efficient use of funds and obtain an effective evaluation.
  4. The budget submitted must list materials and reflect accurate costs.  Substitutions will not be permitted unless the material is no longer available at the time of actual purchase.
  5. The funds may be used to purchase materials, supplies and equipment related to the proposal and to pay the fees of resource people for their participation in the projected programs.  Proposals just for equipment alone will not be funded.
  6. Projects must begin within six (6) months of the application and must be completed 1-year after funding.
  7. Please submit three (3) copies of complete grant request.
  8. Grant applications are reviewed September 1 through October 1, annually.

NOTE: All Grant Recipients are required to submit a Final Report.

Grant Applications

Grant Application Form (.pdf)

Submission Deadline: September 1

Review Period: September 1 to Mid October

Grants Awarded:  Mid to Late November

PDF Version of
Grant Program Final Report/Evaluation

(Due 6 months after project completed.)

For further information, write the:
Eisenhower Society, P.O. Box 4772, Gettysburg, PA 17325

or email us at