The Eisenhower Society has supported several projects that preserve or conserve historic artifacts, reproduce missing historic furnishings and complete the historic record.


  • Funds to assist with the reproduction of the bed and dressing table for Mrs. Doud’s bedroom. These reproductions allowed Mrs. Doud’s bedroom to be added to the tour of the Eisenhower Home.
  • Funds for upholstery for two Bergere armchairs and two Turkish chairs. The armchairs will be placed in the Eisenhower Home sitting room and guest house.  The Turkish chairs will flank the fireplace in the master bedroom.
  • Funds to conserve the Eisenhowers’ silver tea service. In addition to cleaning and repair, the items were lacquered to eliminate the need to continually polish the silver, therefore preserving it for years to come.
  • Funds to complete the Eisenhower National Historic Site Oral History Project. This project with about 300 hours of tapes, many transcribed, is being audited, edited, and formatted. Tables of Contents are being developed for each interview and all release forms for interviews are being procured.  The finished transcripts will be available on line in PDF format.
  • Conservation and cleaning of the painting “Two Bells” that hangs in the Gettysburg Borough Council Chambers. The painting commemorates Eisenhower’s role in liberating Europe.